ERP Logistics Software Version 4.0.8: May 30, 2020

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ERP freight software updated version 4.0.8

Our efficient ERP Logistics Software Version contains all operational elements and also needs speed, security, and flexibility. Bridge LCS ERP software updates v4.0.8 will help you to handle the logistics business smoothly.

The logistics industries that were using the best ERP and new feature updated software get more efficiency in their logistics environments.

Bridge LCS’s new version allows logistics to gain more efficiency and is highly beneficial for logistics industries. Keep reading to find Bridge LCS’ new version updates.

ERP Logistics Software Version Updates

  • Dashboard Redesigned with more informative.
  • Trial Balance revamped with Split of WIP and INCOME Accounts.
  • Balance Due column added in Supplier / Customer Invoice list.
  • General Ledger by clicking voucher, invoice redirection added.
  • The attendance list page revamped.
  • New Pullout Report added.
  • Interval option added in the Supplier / Customer Aging Report. You can view details while double click on each amount.
  • In Supplier / Customer Aging Report by clicking the number of invoices, supplier invoice list redirection added.
  • We fixed some known bugs and performance improved.


Check out the latest fixes from our Bridge LCS logistics software.
If you have an idea for a new feature, we’d love to hear it! Please comment below.

We hope you enjoy Bridge LCS ERP Logistics Software V4.0.8!

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