Logistics Catalyst System is a new generation ERP for Logistics Industry. It support All major Logistics Business Models Including Air, Sea, D2D, 3PL, warehouse, Bridge LCS is a complete logistics solution that is not only capable of handling any part of Operation till the customer settles the invoices but also enhance the efficiency of handling the shipments by recording each and every milestone at every stage.

what is
Bridge LCS !


Bridge LCS was born in the arms of professional programmers. The idea of such an application was introduced by four experts working four connecting sectors of logistics field. The plan was to bring all the brain together under one roof so that

Marketing, Operation, Execution and Finance

Are connected thus could save both man power and man hours.

Since the day of its birth the developers keep exploring the logistics world to improve Bridge LCS. The team makes sure Bridge LCS gets

24x7 support to any situation.

Ready to accept any logistics task.

Compactable to any size of business.

And many more.

All your Stuff in one app

The all new app bringing the world of logistics in your palm connecting everything on your fingerprint. Let’s dive in deep and explore the logistics ocean.


Web Based App

Bridge LCS is developed on a cloud hosted platform that provides fast and cost effective deployment.

Lifetime Update

Bridge LCS customer will never sit back at any time frame. At a single purchase the client gets day today system update.

Unlimited Support

Package based support Online ticketing support And Live chat support We guarantee the Bridge LCS sails safe above the sea


Customer can track their shipment through website or the mobile APP

Phone Call Service

Phone Call support not only to fix serve but also as customer care

Back End Office

We take a step further to support thru our Logistics Expert staff to take care your shipment from the back end.

features of Bridge LCS !

Design 91%
Performance 96%
Usability 95%
Security 98%

we've done

We are proud to brand our customers to let the world know how much tremendous enhancement has been made from

Unproductive and risky the old manual process

Multiple software to carry different sectors of same business

Increased work hours for Connecting and sharing the works of multiple offices.

Delay in the updates when the staffs to be available both at the site and the office

And many more

Life @ Bridge LCS

Bridge LCS is an ERP software for logistics industries. It suitable for
all types of logistics businesses all over the globe.

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