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Bridge LCS logistics management system platform helps the freight and logistics companies to manage their shipments. It’s perfect for small, medium, or large businesses who want to manage their operations efficiently without having to invest in multiple systems.

Latest logistics
                    management system features
Owner rights for super admin

Owner Rights

If you are a super admin of our freight forwarding system software, you have full rights to the system. This means super admin can control and assign a particular module to the user. This is helpful when you want to give a specific module that you gave the user access to.

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Job share
                                for multiple branch logistics companies

Bridge Share

Job sharing is a method of sharing data related to logistics which means the work is performed by multiple branches. You might have multiple vendors working in different branches. Job Share gives you the benefit of having different people to manage the same logistics operations.

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Create and keep
                        notes in cloud logistics software

Bridge LCS Memos & Notes

make your work more easier

Global Search

With our software’s powerful functionality, system users can easily search out details from the system at any point. What this means is that users belonging to various modules can also search details from the other different operations details.

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                                search in freight forwarding system software
Reminder and notification in TMS Logistics

Reminder & Notifications

Reminder & Notification allows you to create and view all historical and future events for your logistics operations. You’ll also be able to create a quick remember list for meetings, follow-ups, document updates and all renewals.

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Live Shipment Tracking.

No more being uncertain about Tracking

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Real-time update in shipment tracking software

Multilingual Software

Bridge LCS’ software platform is available in Arabic and English languages, which help you to make invoices, vouchers quickly and also be able to select your language to use our transport and logistics system software.

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                                 language cloud logistics software

Document Control

Managing your logistics documents has never been easier. Here are the steps to make document management easy. Our logistics system users can easily and quickly upload documents in a minute.

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