Easily Integrating ZATCA with the Best Logistics Management Software

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Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority is referred to by its abbreviation, ZATCA. It is in charge of putting VAT into effect and managing it. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is required to apply the E-Invoicing framework, which was imposed by the E-Invoicing Regulations that were released by the Authority’s Board of Directors in December 2020.

The Saudi government has launched a number of programs to encourage e-invoicing and modernize the economy. ZATCA, or the Saudi Electronic Invoicing System, is one such project. The first phase was implemented by the Saudi government in 2021, while the second phase is not scheduled to begin until January 1, 2023.

You will learn about ZATCA and how businesses may get ready for the ZATCA e-invoicing mandate from this blog article. We will also discuss the e-invoicing guide for KSA and ZATCA e-invoicing regulations.

KSA’s E-Invoicing types

There are two categories of e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia. Among them are:

1. Logistics management software standard e-invoice for taxes

For B2G, B2C and B2B transactions, tax e-invoices are generated. An XML file with all the required data fields specified by ZATCA is a standard e-invoice

2. E-invoices made simpler with the logistics management software

Small firms with a modest volume of transactions and a reduced organizational structure should use simplified electronic invoicing. The buyer is not required to utilize the invoice for input VAT deduction when using this kind of electronic invoice.

Why is Saudi Arabia introducing e-invoicing?

The ZATCA program is one of many that the Saudi government has launched to encourage e-invoicing and automate the economy. E-invoicing will enhance compliance, foster transparency, and lessen the administrative load on companies. It will also help the government keep track of companies and their activities.

What additional advantages can e-invoicing provide companies?

E-invoicing has several advantages for organizations, including: It is more ecologically friendly because it is paperless;

It helps businesses comply with government rules, is time-effective and efficient; secure and lowers the danger of fraud; transparent and helps businesses monitor their operations; and lessens the administrative load on enterprises.

ZATCA electronic invoice guidelines

Every residential taxpayer is required to abide by the e-invoicing laws provided by the Saudi government. The rules pertaining to the ZATCA e-invoicing procedure are as follows:

  • The e-invoicing requirements will apply to all taxable goods and services that are subject to VAT, regardless of whether they have standard or zero rates.
  • The e-invoicing system should used by all VAT-registered business owners in Saudi Arabia who sell both inside and outside the nation (apart from non-resident taxable individuals).
  • When sending a tax invoice in Saudi Arabia, third parties required to use the e-invoicing procedure on behalf of taxable individuals. Accounting companies that send invoices on behalf of vendors are subject to the restrictions.
  • All transactions, whether B2B, B2G, or B2C, must use e-invoicing. When delivering an electronic invoice to a client, a printed copy must be sent as well.
  • The invoices have to written in Arabic. The e-invoice must sent in Arabic, but you are free to add or translate them in other languages.

Logistics Management in Saudi Arabia  

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