Bridge LCS Freight Forwarding ERP Software 5.2

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Bridge LCS new version 5.2

Bridge LCS Freight Forwarding ERP Software is now available in version 5.2. This update includes many improvements to the interface and some major updates.

Bridge LCS is excited to announce the release of their new version 5.2, which includes Live Container Tracking, Live Currency Exchange Rate, Light House Search, Job Action Logs, Job Status, and many more. This latest version offers even more opportunities for freight and logistics businesses to grow and flourish. To learn more about what’s in this new update:

freight forwarding erp software new version

What’s New

Live Container Tracking

People these days are struggling to get the tracking details of their container because of which they are landing into several delays and disorganize other schedule works. To get this work in a proper flow, the logistics and freight forwarding software must own a solution to track and update their customers on a timely basis now and then.

logistics software Container Tracking update

Container Tracking

In the freight and logistics industry, it is important to win the customer’s trust to improve the business performance. It is always recommended to use a live tracking solution along with other Freight Forwarding features as a whole, to get the complete benefits of the product. If you are a startup business then, you might get many options to explore than to take up a risk once your business grows to the next level. Tracking is very much important as compared to the other services done in logistics. 

Having these criteria in mind Bridge LCS has introduced Live Tracking into the System to benefit both Service Providers and their End Customers. This is one of the unique features Bridge LCS Provides wherein you will get to track your consignment precisely through maps. 

Freight software Tracking Container through Maps
Container Tracking along with location details

Benefits of Live Tracking

Increased Productivity: Once the customers are informed about the whereabouts of their container, they can plan their schedule for further works any delay or change in their routine. This also reduces the wastage of time in rescheduling and other performances which directly has an impact on their business. 
Reduced Overheads: Providing the customer access to live tracking reduces the overhead of contacting the service provider, again and again, to get the time to time update. 
Provides Security: Live Tracking gives you confidence and lets you know that your containers and packages are approaching a genuine route safely. 

Live Currency Exchange Rates

Currency Exchanges are one of the major problems faced when the Freight Forwarders have customers all over the world. Using multiple currencies in a single invoice or software may bring up confusion among the users while managing the accounts and providing invoices/vouchers to their customers. 
Unless they use in-house software it is difficult for them to have multiple currencies option in a Software. To avoid such issues, having a Currency Exchange Rate as an additional option helps you in many scenarios.  

Cargo software Activate Currency Exchange Rate
Currency Exchange Rate

Bridge LCS has introduced LIVE CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATES to the invoices and vouchers so that the customers can handle their shipments globally. Here, you can feed the amount in SAR and convert it into whichever currency your business requires. 
You can Simply Enable The Live Currency Exchange Rate Feature from Settings and make your records seamlessly.

Light House Search

Light House Search is one of the most useful features which we have introduced in this version. This unique feature helps you search data all over the Bridge LCS System in a Fraction of seconds thereby saving a lot of time. 

This Feature does not have any restrictions unlike the previous version and applies to all the modules available in the system.

Light house Search : Data Ready at Hand
Global Search – Make Search Easier

Job Logs

In job log updates, users can easily see the latest action list, Which leads to getting the current action like create, upload, etc in the system.

Logs of Job in logistics software
Job Logs ~ Chart of Job Accessed

Job Status

In the latest update, the current job status will be shown on the job list page.

Updated Status of Job
Recent Job Status

Multiple Branch

Multiple branches feature helps the logistics companies to add multiple branches in Bridge LCS software. And also easily switch the branches.
This feature helps to manage and control all the branches in a single software.

Switch Between Branches in no time
Branch Swap made Easy

Thanks for reading

 In the latest version, we added the great features that must be needed for the logistics and freight forwarding ERP software. 

try freight management software for free.

If you want to add new features, we’d love to hear! Please share in the comments below.

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