This document applies to customers with a valid and active subscription of the Bridge LCS

Bridge LCS is better secured than your own desktop environment. With Bridge LCS, your data isn’t stored on your computer In addition to Digital Ocean's responsibility for the data center, we take our own measures to better secure the data stored in our own databases.

Data Protection and Backup

Our service has been designed for high availability, with redundancy built into every level of our hosting infrastructure, including redundant power, network, database and web servers.

We also run a continuous background task which backs-up the data into a back-up facility for further real-time data protection.

Because we backup your data, you don’t have to take care of that. However, if you wish to export your data, you can request us do so at any time. Exporting data to excel is ideal because they can be easily read. And are also in a format that can be manipulated for import into other systems if required.

Data Retention and Capacity

All the financial and non-financial data will be available in the system as long as the subscription is maintained. The system provides dedicated storage space for each user based on the package purchased.

The ownership of the data will always remain with the client and the client can access the data even after the expiration of the subscription as a backup file or in excel.

Activity Log

Bridge LCS logs all users’ main activities, for both your company users and external invited users (customers, partners & agents).

Permissions and Roles

The internal Bridge LCS security module allows you to grant authorized users access to specific data only.