Bridge LCS Logistics Software New Update V5.1

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logistics software new update

The logistics company is working on Bridge LCS software, adding new features as well as enhancing user experience. We constantly release newer versions of our logistics software to all our customers for free..

Bridge LCS doesn’t have any additional charges for updates and new features. You always enjoy the benefits of the #1 logistics software platform’s new updates. Let’s review!

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  • The menu bar has been revamped to make it more user-friendly. Earlier Reports and Tax Reports were under the Finance menu.

freight software report menu

Now it has been moved under the Report menu as Finance Report and Tax report.

Note: If you have already granted rights, then once again grant rights to the users.

  • Operation Report [Report->Operation Report] has been customized to make it more user-friendly and easy to access. You can give user-specific rights from user rights.

Operation report logistics software

  • According to Saudi Arabia new VAT policy of 5% to15%, Tax Summary Report [Reports->Tax Report->Summary] has been customized into 5% and 15%

Saudi tax summary logistics software

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  • Two new sub-menus Accounts and Banking have been added to the Finance menu. Chart of Accounts, Project, and Opening Balance will be listed under the Accounts sub-menu, and Banking and Reconciliation will be listed under the Banking sub-menu.

shipping software Finance Menu

  • Trial Balance
    • Hereafter Revenue and Expense will not come in the Opening Balance. Instead, it will come as a Net Balance of Profit and Loss.


Bill of Lading

We have added two columns HBL No and Date Laden on Board in Seaway Bill. You will get these two columns in the print as well.
[Status->Bill of Lading->Seaway Bill]

seawaybill logistics software



We’ve enabled the Import tab in the Job edit option. Now you can easily import the containers by using this option.


A new column Rights has been added in Employees [Settings->Users->Employees]. If a user is Super Admin then it will be listed as N/A and other users based on their rights either Individual Rights or Department’s Rights will be mentioned.



Operational Code

We’ve gone another step forward in making your work easier by enabling the Create and Edit option for Activity Codes [Masters->Operational Code-> Activity Codes].

customs clearance software operationa code

  • For creating a new Activity Code you have to fill in the Services, Mode, Type, and Description.
  • Description is splitted into three columns. The first column defines Mode, second column defines Type and third column defines Description. Mode and Type should be a single word and Description should not exceed more than two words.
  • If you choose Type as Value Added or Other, you can customize the first and second column of the description otherwise it will be filled automatically.


Employee Statement

We have added a Description column in the Employee Statement. The text or description mentioned in the vouchers will be reflected in this column.


We’re not stopping here. Stay tuned for more logistics software updates.

Fixed some known bugs and improved performance.

Thank you for reading and following our updates. To learn more about our logistics software please click here.

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choose best logistics management software

We’re really looking forward to your feedback.

Check Bridge LCS software’s latest version 5.2!

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