The Ultimate Guide To Bridge LCS Logistics Software Pricing Plan

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Bridge LCS logistics software new pricing plan

In Bridge LCS’ logistics software pricing plan, You may find that a few things have changed since the last update.

Bridge LCS has proven to be low cost and get high profitability. In new updates, some of the most successful logistics software ideas include easy pricing strategies, a new report model, easy finance module, status updates, and settings.

Most of the logistics software companies in the Middle East countries charge a high amount for the subscription. So, we decided to try the best offer, zero risk-free trial, and cancel anytime option. Pay once or monthly to get full access.

Of course, Bridge LCS logistics software will update all-new features and get access to all those features.

The new pricing model includes Lite, Growth, and Enterprise. Logistics companies can select the pricing model within your needs. And also, read about our new exciting features (Version5.2).

Register now for a free 14 days trial – FREE TRIAL VERSION

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Bridge LCS offers 14 days of free trials for each plan. We provide multiple paths to support, such as phone calls, Emails, Google meets, etc. Also, check the detailed comparison chart of all pricing plans.

Logistics software pricing plan


Bridge LCS provides a simple way to subscribe plan. Lite plans are mainly for startup companies with limited modules. We offer operating 100 shipments in a year, the company can upgrade to the next level if the shipment is more than a hundred.

Bridge LCS freight software pricing plan Lite

Benefits of Lite Pricing Plan

Low cost: Lite plan helps the logistic companies to start at in low cost.

Available addons: Payroll, Transportation, Stock, etc.

For startup companies: Lite plan helps the startup companies to get more profit.

Bonus Modules: Get access to Status, Bill of Lading, Masters, and Settings modules.

Software Updates: Offers lifetime updates.

Video Tutorial: Bridge LCS also offers in-depth video training to provide you everything you need to start in each module.


The Bridge Growth pricing model is suitable for small and mid-level logistics companies. In this pricing model, we added some more modules that are needed for small and mid-level companies. Also, provide a free trial to ensure the plan is suitable or you can upgrade to the next level at any time.

Bridge LCS logistics freight software pricing plan Lite

Benefits of Growth Pricing Plan

Manage More: In growth planning, you can create Contacts 300/Lifetime, Jobs 300/Year, Vouchers 1500/Year, and Invoices 500/Year.

Available addons: Transportation, Stock, etc.

Bonus Modules: Get full access modules includes Customer Portal, Status, Payroll, Bill of Lading, Masters, and Settings.

Support: We offer 24/7 email support.

Software Updates: Offers lifetime updates.

Video Tutorial: There is also additional video training to help you start the Bridge LCS software.


Enterprise model (also known as Business pricing Model). We prefer the enterprise plan for the large businesses managing unlimited shipment. In this pricing model, the companies can get full access to the Bridge LCS’s logistics software.

Here we added all modules available in our software. Extra benefits for enterprise customers include customer tracking app, backup control, customize email sender, and Android, iOS mobile application (include Bridge GAPP and Bridge Portal).

Bridge LCS shipping software pricing plan Enterprise

Moreover, we provide free online training and also provide support through voice, chat.

For more information about our pricing plan click here.

Download logistics mobile application for Android and iOS (Bridge GAPP).

Download Customer Tracking App Android and iOS (Bridge Portal).

Follow these steps to make an online payment for the Lite and Growth of Bridge LCS’ logistics software:

  • Firstly, register a user and add your company details here .
  • Select your plan, that is suitable for your logistics company and you will get a 14 days trial period. After the trial period, you should make a subscription to use the system.
  • In the trial period, you can create only 2 users.
  • Add your credit card as your payment method. There is an option to specify the billing address. By default, the system will take the company address as the billing address.
  • You can add multiple cards and can make any card as default as per your need. Also, you have the option of deleting cards.
  • If you are a Lite user, then you can upgrade to Growth whenever you need more features.
  • You can also purchase extra add-ons from the billing section.
  • Finally, If you wish to access Ultimate logistics software solutions without limits as an enterprise user, you can directly contact us.

Procedure to make a user subscription:

  • Create a new user.
  • Head to the Bridge LCS billing page and add your credit card (International card).
  • Head to the user from the billing page, select your plan and make a subscription.
  • Once you subscribe, the system will automatically debit the payment from each billing cycle.
  • You can cancel the subscription for a particular user from the status section or you can deallocate (Right click) the subscription for another user.

Procedure to make an add-on payment:

  • Select the billing page (if you are an Enterprise user) and add your credit card(International card).
  • Select add-on from the billing page and make payment.
  • Once you subscribe, the system will automatically debit the payment from each billing cycle.
  • You can cancel the subscription for addon from the addon tab under the transaction section.

Thanks for reading!

Which logistics software pricing did you like or suitable for your logistics company? Please share in the comments below.

For more information about Bridge LCS’ software pricing click here or contact us.


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