Logistics Software Update V4.4(Latest Version)

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logistics software update version 4.4

Bridge LCS logistics software’s new update version 4.4 (latest version) will enhance the growth of logistics and freight companies in this crisis and make it easier for the logistics workflow.



logistics software update version 4.4

Now, we are back with new multiple bonus features that benefit you in myriad ways. BridgeLCS never fails to satisfy the customer with frequent version updates. Now, we are up with three new essential features that every customer would be happy to have.

Bridge LCS has incorporated a newly updated document (Beta Version) which explains the working of newly added features along with the existing features. Also, Payroll has been updated with the needful features. From now on, add the Country, annuity to all customers and track the earnings and deductions from the salary slip. 

The intercompany module has also been updated with multiple branch transactions. Henceforth, you can make transactions between one or more branches with a single inter-company voucher. The reports are optimized and the performance is enhanced.

Updates And Enhancements


Country option added in the employee.

Note: By default Company’s country name has been updated for each employee and if any change is required in the country name then you can easily update it from the employee section.


  • Setting
    • We are glad to introduce our new feature Payroll Settings for employee’s annuity where you can add country based Employee Annuity and Company Annuity.
    • logistics software update version 4.4 - Payroll Setting
  • Basic Salary
    • Country option added. While creating a basic salary country will be shown automatically for the selected employee.
    • If the annuity is already added for that country from payroll settings, it will be reflected in the annuity section.
    • If the annuity is not added then you can add quickly by clicking on the “Add Annuity” button.
    • If you don’t want to add annuity for a particular employee, then you can tick on the “Skip Annuity” option.
    • Take-home salary added. It is calculated after deducting the Employee annuity amount from basic pay.
    • Note: By default, Skip Annuity is enabled for existing basic salaries. If you want to add annuity then untick and update it.logistics software update version 4.4 - Payroll Basic salary
  • Monthly Salary
    • Now you will get a detailed view of MS finance entries.
    • Housing Employees, Car Allowance, Overtime, Other Employee Expenses, Salary LOP, Other Deduction, Insurance Accrual, Insurance Expenses.
    • Note: This will affect only the new Monthly Salary.
    • All the earning and deductions are listed in the salary slip.


logistics software update version 4.4 - Intercompany

Inter-Company Upgraded with multi-branch transactions. Now onwards you can easily do transactions between one or more branches with a single intercompany voucher.

Documentation Beta

Beta version of Bridge LCS user guide documentation is launched now.

logistics software update version 4.4 - Documentation Beta


  • Payment Voucher
    • VAT payment option added for making VAT payment entries in the voucher. It will be reflected in Tax Reports.
    • logistics software update version 4.4 - Finance Payment Voucher
  • Report
    • Finance reports are optimized now and performance improved.

Final Invoice

Customer row no added in final invoice list.


Created by option added in memo list page filter. Now you can delete the memo by clicking on the trash icon (Delete icon) from the list tab.


We’re not stopping here. Stay tuned for more logistics software update from Bridge LCS’ Blog.

Fixed some known bugs and performance improved.

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Thank you for reading and following our updates. If you’d like to learn more about our logistics software please click here.

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