Bridge LCS Freight Software V4.5: Reconciliation, Owners Rights, Attendance

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bridge lcs freight software new updates

Bridge LCS’s freight software new version is now available. We are very delighted to bring you Bridge LCS’s new version 4.5. In this update, we’ve added some important features that the logistics companies really needed.

Updated great new features such as finance reconciliation, owner’s rights, attendance, and other updates are also included. These changes allow the best experience for the logistics companies.

Freight Software New Version 4.5


Table of contents

Owners Rights

The most important and essential feature of logistics software is the owner’s rights. The super admin can give user-based rights in Customer, Supplier, and Job.Owner's rights in bridge lcs

By default, All option is enabled for users.


  • Created By – Shows only customers that are created by that particular user.
  • Assigned By – Shows only customers which are assigned to that particular user.
  • Salesman – Shows only customers of that particular salesman.
  • All – To show all customers.


  • Created By – Shows only suppliers that are created by that particular user.
  • All – To show all suppliers.


  • Created By – Shows only jobs that are created by that particular user.
  • Assigned By – Shows only jobs of customers that are assigned to that particular user.
  • Salesman – Shows only the jobs of customers of that particular salesman.
  • Allocated By – Shows only jobs that are allocated to that particular user.
  • All – To show all jobs.



Our advanced feature reconciliation helps you to secure your bank account and guarantee that the transactions leaving the bank account coordinate with the records of the Bridge LCS system.

In the stage-1 release, we are providing you an option to coordinate your bank statements with the approved vouchers.

First, you have to import your bank statement into the system. Subsequent to bringing in, you can click on the bank transaction as per your payment voucher.

You can likewise utilize the advanced filters for the corresponding entries.

Once you match a particular entry, it will not show on the reconciliation list page.


The full version of Bridge LCS documentation is launched now. It assists with understanding the complete workflow of our software.

You can quickly refer to the documentation from the Learning Centre button given in the right bar.



Import option included in Attendance.

Presently you can undoubtedly import an excel sheet (XLSX format) from your bio-metric gadget to the Bridge LCS system.

Note: For 100% working of attendance import, ensure that the representative name given in the excel sheet is equivalent to the name given in our system.

Additionally, update your company In-time and Out-time from your bio-metric gadget to the Bridge LCS system or the other way around.

Customer Tracking

Customers can track jobs in which they are selected as secondary customers.



Now you can easily allocate a job to another user and allocated details will be listed there.

Note: Ensure that rights are given from Super Admin.


Now you can categorize jobs by using the new Tag option.

Tags will be very handy when you need more categorization in jobs apart activities.

Quick-Tag Option added for the tag field. So you can quickly create new tags with this option.

Super Admin can view and customize the tag list.

Based on Tags you can filter in Job Report.

Freight Software version 4.5: Get it now

Bridge LCS freight software version 4.5 comes with the best feature. Finance reconciliation, owner’s rights, attendance will improve the logistics business. one of our big focus areas is security. Completely ensure finance with high security.

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If you are an existing user of Bridge LCS, you can directly download the app from Google Play Store and start using it. If you are not an existing user, please reach us to get yourself registered and get benefited from using Bridge LCS. If you’d like to learn more about our logistics software please reach us.

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We hope you enjoy Bridge LCS freight software version 4.5!

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