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Dashboard is the Page you jump into once the credentials are given.

It gives you an impression of the following aspects wherein you can track your ongoing work:

Unique Attributes Available on Dashboard :
Lock Button :
Lock Button, popped up at the left corner of the menu button can be used to freeze the screen
Maximize Button :
Maximize Button, available at the right corner of the menu bar gives you a discernible view of the screen.
Bridge LCS Cloud Based Freight Forwarding Software Dashboard


  • Job section exhibits the status of jobs in three different categories i.e the number of pending jobs, completed jobs and cancelled jobs along with the total number of jobs.
  • This section can also be viewed with respect to the period / month selected. Earlier Months can be selected with the help of dropdown given on the right side
  • A Graphical representation is provided for you to analyse the progression.
  • By Clicking on “Jobs”(title of the section) you will be redirected to the Job module.
Bridge LCS Shipping Logistics Software Dashboard Job


  • Income section gives you the total income in respect to the month selected.
  • This also gives you the Revenue , Cost and Margin(in %).
  • A bar Graph depicts the comparison between "Total Revenue of Final Invoices" and "Total Cost of Final Invoice with Cost Sheet" which is not converted into Final Invoice on a weekly basis for a selected period of time.
  • By Clicking on “Income” you will be redirected to the sales report page wherein you can do the necessary operations to be done.
Bridge LCS Shipping Logistics Software Income Dashboard

Daily Report

  • Daily Report show the number of Jobs available for export and import in the upcoming days.
  • By clicking on the Daily report you will be redirected to the page where you can check the jobs that are in motion, pending and completed on three different columns
Bridge LCS Cloud Based Logistics Software Dashboard Report

Income Report

  • Income Report gives you a graphical representation of comparison between Income, Cost of sales and Sales annually.
ERP Software For Logistics Industry Dashboard Income Report

Monthly Statistics

  • Monthly Statistics gives you an overall view of operations performed. It covers almost every important task done. .
  • This also has an option to filter / choose the month you want to review.
Bridge LCS Sea Freight Software Dashboard Monthly Statistics

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " Dashboard " to have a better understanding