Logistics ERP Software New Version 5.7 – 2022

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Logistics ERP software new version

Choosing the best Logistics ERP Software has always been a tedious task for many logistic companies. In order to conclude the software as the best logistic management software, it must deliver the solution to end to end logistics process with thorough efficiency. 

The best logistics software can streamline your organization’s processes, allowing you to provide a faster, more efficient service while saving valuable time and costs. Overall, the logistics management software helps operations remain in control with many other benefits.

To stay up to date and be an advanced solution, Bridge LCS is now introducing the new version 5.7. The features getting introduced in the new version are as follows, 

What’s New


Spaces are the advanced File Manager concept to organize your files and documents in a mannered way. It allows you to fetch the files and documents in a rapid way whenever required. 

With the advanced spaces, now you can segregate your files and documents job-wise and type. 

Bridge LCS new version feature spaces

How to access spaces?

Head to the App Drawer → Spaces → Access the files as required. 

Live Notification

There’s no point in using logistics management software if you can’t update shipments in real-time. The Bridge LCS’ Live Notification feature automatically updates the following items in real-time.

  • Get a real-time notification for when the job is completed and the final invoice approved.
  • Notify when document expiry.
  • Shipment arrival notification – based on eta filled in the job.
  • When someone assigns a task to a user, the system user will get notified.
Freight management software new version features

Opening Balance

The revamped version of Opening Balance offers you more convenient ways to use your finance module. With this new interface and user-friendly update, it is now easier than ever before to keep up with your finance section.

Opening Balance in logistics software
Opening Balance in logistics software

Bulk Cost

Bulk Cost is getting introduced in the new version to reduce your workload of making multiple invoices every single time. With the reformed Bulk Cost, you can now make single invoices covering multiple invoice charges, provided the supplier should be the same. 

Bulk cost feature in logistics shipping software

How to access bulk cost?

Head to the Operations → Bulk Cost and make the invoices as required. 

Invoice Template

In this latest update, now you can set description and unit, quantity, price for the corresponding supplier. When creating the new invoice, you can select a supplier from a list and the details about that supplier automatically populate in the template.

New invoice template added in logistics software

How to access the invoice template?

Head to the Operations → Invoice Template 

Finance Dashboard

Finance Dashboard is the highlighted feature introduced, which gives you a complete summary of the Finance Module. You can slide between the general overview dashboard and the finance dashboard however required. 

Finance dashboard in logistics management system

The finance dashboard furnishes the payables, receivables, profit & loss, etc.

Customized Chart of Accounts

The Default Account Number functionality is replaced with the customizable chart of accounts. Hence Forth the account number can be filled and modified as per the need.

Logistics ERP software new update

Here are a few additional features

Draft Invoice

The draft invoice concept has been created to make changes or delete invoices in the draft state. The draft number concept includes in the following invoices:

  • Final Invoice
  • Terminal Invoice
  • General Customer Invoice

Customer & Supplier

In the Customer and Supplier sections, we’ve made some important changes that make your job easier. The new updates in customer and supplier below

  • A new Document Tab has been added – New features that have just been added include the possibility for users can add more documents they want.
  • The default currency has been added that allows you to select the default currency of the party.

Reminders & Tasks   

Completely redesigned reminder and task calendar.

Activity Code

Now you can do masters easier by adding/modifying your activity code. Also, a new import option was added inside the activity code.


  • We have made some more changes that help the system users to know the date of the job is completed and cancelled.
  • The number of documents uploaded is also displayed along with the job details for quick reference.

Along with these features, a few bugs on Quotation and Pay Slip have been fixed and the system performance has been increased.

Thanks for reading!

We trust the above information provided about the new version would help you understand them better. We would like to get your feedback on the Bridge LCS’ Logistics Management System to help us grow better. 

choose best logistics management software
choose the best logistics management software

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Archana M
2 years ago

Great updates

2 years ago
Reply to  Archana M

Hi Archana,
Thank you so much for your kind review. We’re glad you’re loving this new update.

2 years ago

The Finance dashboard is awesome..

2 years ago
Reply to  Afzal

Hi Afzal,
Thank you for your great feedback! I’ve passed it along to the team and they will be glad to hear that you love the Finance Dashboard. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions at support@lcsbridge.com.

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