Guide To Choose The Right Freight Management Software

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choose best freight management software in 2021

In this article, we will share with you the guide to choosing the right freight management software for your freight forwarding business.

The freight management software assists the freight forwarders and the movement of logistics. It helps to manage and control all operations related to freight and logistics services. The technology in logistics and freight changed, due to complex of storing global shipping data, difficulty to manage multiple branch companies, and documents related issues. The latest ERP freight software modernizes and simplifies the freight and logistics service. Most of the logistics and freight companies in the Middle East and European countries are using freight software to simplify the workflow.

choose right logistics management software

Traditionally, It is difficult to manage and backup large company’s data and documents. The highlighted part of the right freight software is to reduce the paperwork. According to the latest report, freight software availability is increasing day by day. Freight software offers a way to increase operational flexibility and efficiency.

What is Freight Forwarding Software and why do we require it?

Freight Forwarders are people or organizations who assist in shipping goods from one location to another part of the country/world/city/state.

traditional freight solution

Their work revolves around receiving the order, processing the order, preparing and packing the goods, getting the customs done followed by the final shipment. To make this process easier, freight forwarding software can be used.

Best features that freight software should have?

The right Freight Software must cover all the operations such as documentation, communication, creating customers, suppliers, maintenance of jobs, reports, handling finance and payroll, etc under a single software. And also check the technology modern and frequently updated? Some of them are:

logistics software income

Easy Transactions Between One Or More Branch

One of the main important features for freight forwarders can easily do transactions between one or more branches with a single inter-company voucher. Inter-Company can be useful for collection and payment transactions between branches. This module also provides a statement for checking and analyzing the details of each transaction.

Secure Finance Information

The process of reconciliation ensures the accuracy and validity of financial information. Also, a proper reconciliation process ensures that unauthorized changes have not occurred to transactions during processing. A good reconciliation system provides a mechanism to verify that transactions and activity are for the correct purpose and amount, and allowable.

Quick Container Tracking

Container API in freight software will give you live container tracking by adding an AWB number. This will be useful to know about the current status of the container in the shipment. It allows the customers to review and track the information easily and quickly and also ensures details are accurate and updated.

Finance Management

freight software finance

The finance module is one of the important sections, this module shows the complete flow of all revenue related to the incoming and outgoing freight shipment. Managing finance is a complex process especially for large shipment companies. The software helps to complete the process within a fraction of seconds without any error.

Generating Report

Good Freight Software must provide individual and combined reports of each section precisely.

Remote Working: Anywhere, Anytime

Software should be available on both Mobile and Web Platforms to make it easier to access. Logistics mobile application helps the logistics employees to manage and control all operations when they leave office.

Multi-language Support

A Commendable product must support multiple languages as one of its privileges because its usage is all around the world. Multilingual features help employees to complete the operation with their mother tongue. and also help logistics companies to change the invoice language for the client’s needs.

User-Friendly Design

Freight Software should have a user-friendly Interface to have a better experience.

Scalability and Security

In today’s digital world, all the data should be confidential. The logistics companies must focus their attention on security to choosing the right software.

Dark Mode View

freight software dark mode

Night mode(Dark Mode) helps the employees in the logistics company can work in the nighttime with more comfortable. For most of the logistics companies working 24/7, dark mode increase eye power and system battery life that leads to more profit to the logistics businesses.

Constant Status Update

Freight Software must have a Strong Feature to update the Status of the Jobs and Goods frequently both to the end-users and the freight agents

Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking is one of the vital needs when it comes to logistics and freight forwarding. An ideal software must provide constant updates on the status of the shipments habitually.

Last but not least, Look for basic features like

  • Customer Service and Technical Support.
  • Logistics Mobile Application
  • Real-time tracking
  • Auto Status Update
  • Payroll Management
  • Visibility and control


The freight software helps to increase the company effectively and get more profit. It is user-friendly and provides end-to-end solutions for the industries. It maintains your standard in business. The right freight management software will simplify freight operations, fasten the workflows, and will ultimately allow you to maintain visibility and control across your entire business!

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