Owner Rights

The advanced feature for company owners

We aim to improve the best and most efficient ERP software for the logistics industry. The owner right module can give super admin more control and power to give specific user rights to the particular modules. The super admin has all the control over the system. He can assign the module to any user.

Owner rights in
                    logistics planning software Dubai
Owner rights
                             in freight forwarding system software

Special power for super admin

The bridge LCS software makes it easy for a super admin to assign appropriate privileges of access. Its Owner Rights feature allows the super admin to give users permission to access, correct fields and sections, making this software uniquely suited for companies that have multiple departments.

In today's market, access to this information is a must-have for success. Bridge LCS cloud logistics software respects your need for this data by making it easy to assign and keep track of permissions on each user level: Owner Rights give users the right to access the required fields/sections necessary for their function on the team.

Assigning tasks to team members

With Owner Rights in place, a designated super admin can assign tasks and allocate jobs based on employees' work nature or responsibilities when they're at their best. Packed full of features such as notifications to keep you up-to-date when someone assigns a task or when the task hits the deadline/ the target time.

Protect your data and keep it privately with the right mix of protection. The BridgeLCS privilege is just what you need to maintain control over the usage of user privileges by other users in an organization. Owner Rights enable your organization to securely share sensitive data with multiple users, whilst remaining in control and visibility at all times.

Power to give
                        specific user rights