Refund Policy

Return Policy ~ 30 days Full Money Back Guarantee

We satisfy our customer's needs in each and every way possible. Bridge LCS is committed to providing complete solutions to its users in each and every service it provides.

We're confident once you get to know our product, you won't want to give it up-we offer one of the best prices on the market with high quality that can be felt easily at initial use itself. That's why company policies are put in place at Bridge LCS--so all desires and possible outcomes are accounted for beforehand.'

If the customer wants to quit or wants to discontinue the services chosen, they can check the following criteria's,

Bridge LCS offers a 30-day money-back facility i.e. You must be a new user / it must be a new subscription with a time period below 30 days. Not applicable for users who have renewed the products multiple times / not applicable for old users.

Cannot be applicable for users who are in the middle of a long-term plan(6 months / 1 year ).

How to initiate the refund

The user will have to send an official email to "" stating the reason for cancellation and your mail will be responded to in 1 to 2 working days.

Complete Billed Amount will be refunded in 3 to 7 working days as per payment service provider. No additional charges will be deducted.