Bridge Growth

Grow your Logistics Business with the most preferred growth plan.

The growth package provides a variety of benefits that will assist your business to grow in a positive manner. This is the best software for logistics company that is medium to large in size.

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Perfect Logistics ERP for Medium to Large Businesses for middle east regions

Boost your Business with Bridge Growth

Bridge LCS Growth is suitable for all medium to large-scale logistics companies. This package provides full logistics management in demand. With a single click on the "Free Trial Link," you can obtain the trial.

Automate Emails to your customers

Amidst the busy work life, people often miss updating their customers regarding the status of shipments, quotations, and financial statements. With the automated Email functionality, your customers can receive each and every update on a timely basis.

Email automation for freight management software in Dubai

Customizable Quotations and Invoices

customized invoicing and quotation allow you to customize your invoice for various services. By defining the attributes of different services, you can automatically generate an invoice or quotation in the required format. It also helps with accounting needs by generating reports on payments, unpaid amount,s and outstanding amounts. This ensures your business runs smoothly.

 Personalized quotations and invoices upon customer needs

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Keep track of your shipments seamlessly.

Tracking Functionality in Bridge LCS helps you to track all your shipments and keeps you updated with the current status of delivery. It also allows the customer to track their shipment using a unique tracking number through the tracking portal provided acting like a complete Logistics Tracking Software.

ERP Software with container tracking for

Multilingual Support - Make Flexible and Explicit invoices.

Generate invoices and vouchers in Arabic and English, depending on what your clients require with the unique multilingual functionality.

Customer Portal

The concept of a customer portal is unique as it makes the user access the status and view documents every now and then in regards to the limitations set .

Portal for customers to check the status of their shipments