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Yes, job Share allows you to easily share job details with your suppliers, allowing them to access the data without creating it.

In job cards, get complete details of every job at a single place. But limited actions available as compared to the job list page.

Yes, based on AWB bill number all containers are automatically fetched.

Yes, we can get

On the job list page, a loader (icon) shows which will make it easier to understand if the job has a supplier invoice or cost sheet.

The number of jobs is decided based upon the package chosen.

No, currently this cannot be done.

Yes, right-click over the required job and choose to allocate.

Yes, you can assign the jobs and modify the access of the users, provided you must be the super admin (Settings-->Users-->User Rights).

Yes, we can (Jobs-->invoices-->apply quotation)

Yes, the super admin has the authority to limit the access of all the users.

You must mark the job as completed only when it reaches the destination and not upon receiving the payment.