Release Notes – Version 7

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Bridge LCS Version 7 introduces significant updates and enhancements aimed at improving the logistics management experience for users. From theme enhancements to streamlined operations, this release brings a range of new features and improvements to our platform.

Global Search

The updated search bar in Bridge LCS enables users to quickly find the information they need within the platform. By utilizing advanced search algorithms, the search bar can provide more accurate and relevant results in a shorter amount of time.

Mark as Approved

This feature enables users to indicate their approval for shipments, invoices, and documents directly within the platform. This functionality streamlines the approval process Users can conveniently review the relevant items and, with a simple click or action, signify their approval within the platform.

Document Log

The document log feature is an exciting addition to our platform, offering users a comprehensive audit trail for all document-related activities. With this feature, users can easily track document uploads and deletions, providing transparency and accountability throughout the document management process.

Mobile and Desktop Operations (Notification)

The new notification feature in Bridge LCS provides users with valuable insights into where operations were performed—whether on a mobile phone or desktop computer. This enhancement adds an extra layer of transparency and accountability to the platform.

Invoice Approval Workflow

The streamlined invoice creation process with the ability to approve invoices upon creation feature in Bridge LCS represents a significant enhancement to the invoicing workflow, offering users a more efficient and seamless experience from start to finish.

Shortcut Bookmark

The Shortcut Bookmark feature is a valuable addition to Bridge LCS, providing users with enhanced efficiency and convenience in navigating the platform. This feature allows users to bookmark frequently accessed pages, enabling them to quickly access important information with ease.

Enhanced visibility into customer and supplier details with a single click, facilitating faster decision-making.

Theme Updation   

We’ve given Bridge LCS a makeover! Enjoy the new design that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to use.
The Theme Updation in Bridge LCS brings a fresh, revamped design that aims to enhance the overall user experience. With this update, users can expect several improvements and enhancements to the platform’s visual appearance and usability.

Bill of Lading

In the upcoming update of Bridge LCS, the “Status” menu will undergo a renaming to “Bill of Lading.” This change aims to provide a more accurate and descriptive label for the menu, aligning it with the specific functionality it offers within the platform. By renaming the menu to “Bill of Lading,” users will have a clearer understanding of its purpose and can easily locate the relevant features and options related to managing bill of lading documents.

Overview Customer and Supplier

In the upcoming update of Bridge LCS, the sub-menu “Overview” under the Customer and Supplier sections will be completely removed. Instead, a simpler option will be introduced to provide users with a streamlined experience. Additionally, the sub-menu “Job graph” and “Overview” under the Job section will also be removed.

  • Document history is being kept
  • Cannot select all or deselect all that issue fixed
  • The Arabic language improved
  • Ageing Report Improved
  • Reconciliation Report Improved
  • Payroll Performance Improved


We value your feedback!
Please share any comments, suggestions, or issues you encounter with our support team for further assistance.

Payment and Collection Updates

Expanded capabilities for managing tax, VAT amounts, and overall payment and collection processes.

We value your feedback! Please share any comments, suggestions, or issues you encounter with our support team for further assistance.

Thank you for choosing Bridge LCS!

We’re committed to providing the best logistics management software experience for users. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in future releases

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