ZATCA E-invoice Update in Logistics Software V5.4

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New Version

Bridge LCS logistics management system is back with another major updated Version 5.4. This is a proud moment for us all to let you people know that our Technical team has worked hard to release two major updates in the same month. Bridge LCS provides the best solution to your logistics operations and acts as the best logistics software.
The Biggest difference you will notice in the new version is the improved benefits and UI on the modified features. 

The Changes you will notice in the current version are, 

  • E-Invoice Generation
  • Advanced Customer Portal
  • Improved Container Terminal

Keep reading the below information to get the overall idea of what has been introduced. 

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What’s New

Version 5.4


On account of the new guideline released by ZATCA and to ease our customer’s experience, our logistics management system launched the new e-invoice system. The major purpose of including this feature in the current version is the comfort of customers along with the new KSA Government Guideline

With the modern e-invoice concept, you can now attain the following benefits,

  • Reduced Time and Cost 
  • Avoids Inaccuracies 
  • Easy Transmission 
  • Effortless Invoice Report Tracking
  • Increased Productivity

The above-mentioned points are common / highly required benefits. E-invoice has a lot more advantages with its presence. 

Invoice with QR Code in Logistics Software
The invoice with QR Code

Advanced Customer Portal

This feature is highly customer-oriented and shall benefit many in variant ways. The improved Customer Portal helps the end-users to access the complete details of the job along with documents, tracking information, current status, and much more. 

Advanced Customer Portal also helps in knowing the container details, Bill Number, Estimated Arrival and Departure, Vessel, Commodity, and much more. This would be the best application every service provider can give to their end customers. Using Customer Portal reduces the job of following up over calls and emails now and then to know the status. 

Advanced Customer Portal in a Logistics Software
Improved Customer Portal

Improved Container Terminal

Container Terminals are one of the crucial data to be maintained for a smooth operation. This Version provides you the convenient features to create and manage the inward and outward waybill.  Terminal Invoices can also be easily generated with the Improved Container Terminal. 

We trust the users will be benefitted from the enhanced features released. To know more about the newly released version, get your trial started as a free sign-up

Make your Process Easy with Bridge LCS

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choose best logistics management software
The best logistics management software

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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