Improved Bridge LCS Logistics Software Version 5.9

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Bridge LCS Version 5.9:: With the release of Logistics Software version 5.9, Budget-Friendly Bridge LCS has now become even more affordable and accessible. The updated version ensures that the customer is satisfied with the advanced features introduced.

What highlights Version 5.9 ??

Logistics Software Version 5.9 is improved with the advanced Payroll and Container Deposit Modules. 

Additions to Payroll :

What is newly added to Payroll Module?

Having an elaborated payroll module is a requirement for everyone regardless of their business type. With version 5.9, a payroll system that meets the need for an enhanced payroll system can be achieved without requiring any additional installation.

A fully advanced user-friendly interface has been added to the attendance section of the newly enhanced payroll module

Payroll Module Updates in a Logistics Software

Update 1 :

New Way of Viewing attendance is added to the Attendance Module. It is categorized into two different patterns, Monthly and List{daily basis}. 

The monthly feature enables the user to review the total attendance on a monthly basis with a just single click.

Month Summary: Month Summary is another such feature to fetch you the monthly attendance of the complete employees. This can directly be accessed from Attendance → Month Summary. 

Monthly Summary of Employee Attendance

 If you want to fetch data more precisely, you can use the newly added employee search field.

Employee Search Field in a Logistics Software to fetch the precise data

The delete button is also included in the employee attendance which enables the user to delete the attendance of particular month. Click on the View button attached to all the employees and choose to Delete with the required filters. 

List feature furnishes the detailed data on a day to day basis like the number of employees present, on-duty, leaves, and holidays. 

Update 2 :

This is a very useful update that every logistics and other business requires.   

Bridge LCS has now included additional salary information to the Basic Salary Slip with which the Overtime can be calculated on an hourly basis, salary set for additional work time on weekends and other Holidays.  

Overtime Charges in the Basic Salary Slip on a Logistics Software

This particular feature highlights the salary section of the payroll module thereby reducing the overhead work done by the HR department. 

Update 3: 

Upon customer’s demand and requirements, the salary voucher is now updated with two new fields to make the slip precise i.e., Bank Charges and VAT are the two fields attached to the monthly salary to sum the amount more precise for all the employees.

Monthly Salary Slip with VAT and Bank Charges in a Logistics Software

Update 4 :

From now on Mark the Official Holidays of your employees from the new Holiday Settings. Go to Payroll Settings → Official Holiday and double click on the required date to mark this to be an official holiday.

Marking the period as a Holiday automatically reflects the employee’s attendance with ease.  

A new feature to include the official holiday for the past date is also enabled now. 

Container Deposit in a Logistics Software:

Container Deposit is a rare module that every logistics software does not focus on. 

For easy tracking and maintenance of caution deposits made and refunds received, Bridge LCS has designed a detailed Deposit and Refund Module.

In the latest version, new functionality is added to identify the refunds made against the deposit. 

Modified Container Deposit in a Freight Software

For easier identification, the refund row number will appear next to the deposit row number and vice versa.

Improved Deposit and Refund in a Logistics Software 2022

If you want to modify the amount refunded, then the refunded data created should be disapproved, deleted, and a new refund must be created.

An important point you should consider is that without deleting the refund data, the deposit cannot be altered or disapproved.

Aside from the major updates discussed above, our team has also fixed bugs and improved the performance of the product to improve its overall performance.

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