Live Shipment Tracking

Stay on live tracking of every shipment

You can improve your shipping process by tracking the shipment in real-time. Live tracking is an excellent way to get your end-customers excited about their shipping process and clearly shows what the next steps are. It's easy to use and takes away the stress of not knowing where a shipment.

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The quickest tracking

It is significant to have a piece of knowledge of the status of shipments/cargo once it is started from the port. Customers are liable to be updated with the status every now and then by the service provider. Uncertainty in cargo tracking may tend to lose the trust of the customers. Our logistics management system has integrated a tracking solution to keep the customers updated with real-time data.

Real-time tracking technology

Bridge LCS has taken a step to make sure customers are up-to-date with the status of their shipments by integrating an efficient cargo tracking system. This service aims at providing certainty and peace of mind, which is why it's so important for our system to keep customers informed about what they can expect in terms of information on the shipment.

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Check your shipment status

Many customers think it is a waste of money to buy the tracking on their own, but Bridge LCS has found that many people are interested in knowing what happens with their shipments. The uncertainty from not having any updates can lead clients to question whether they should trust the carrier and cargo facility. This situation would be avoided if carriers were given an easy way for them to track every shipment’s status as it passes through different stages during delivery so that these uncertainties don't happen.

Hassle-free tracking experience

Reduce contacting customer service again and again for the status of cargo by viewing it directly on your phone, tablet, or browser at any time!

Shipment tracking is now a requirement for companies to make sure their products are being shipped in a timely manner. It's important that you're able to provide your customers with the information they need about where their order is currently, its progress towards delivery, and any delays or changes.

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