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Go deep in your business with best in class app !

LCSgO is the compatible version of the Desktop giving the same cooler experience in your palm. LCS for the people who are on the go. We LCS do not want to compromise the work flow even if we are far from the desktop. LCSgO compatible is the version of the Desktop giving the same cooler experience in your palm.

Marketing Staffs need to update the enquiry during a site visit

Operation Manager needs to approve an important invoice.

Customer needs the SOA

HR receives a sick leave request from the hospital

The GM needs the Employee list.

Everything is easy now with LCSgO

Fully Featured App

Clean and vivid application designed after lots of studies and based on the advices from the experts. We consulted logistics staffs of multiple companies, multiple job atmospheres and levels. This is the App that is inevitable to save 100 of job hours.


Build the app that everyone LOVE

One glance of your eyes, everything you want is in your mind. LCSgO gives the bird eye for all the Department results in the landing dashboard.

The App learns the user’s strength and limits to visualize the needs. Work made LOVE with LCSgO


user friendly interface

detailed yet compact, Bigger figures but clean, Colorful for easy reference. A 100% logistics subordinate.


Job Report

Know your shipment conditions and status. List them by your priorities. No need to rush on to the PC any more…

App's Job report


What else we want when the invoice can be viewed, printed or shared any time on the go.

LCS App's Invoice Report


Job Status

The App let you know the current status of all the shipments. Easily Track down where shipment is now and when they can be completed.

LCS App's Status Page


LCS App'S Job Module



This is how you handle in your palm. Shipments are listed vertically downwards with Maximum details without further digging. Horizontal tabs to classify the running and completed.

LCS App'S Notification


We follow the social media pattern of notification so that the user up to date with the activities going thru the application from anywhere in the world

LCS App'S Invoice module

Income Report

Don’t wait for the accountant to pull you the income report. Put your criteria to find the revenue generated for any period of time. The Operational cost or the total revenue

Pure, secure and up to date

Investing years to develop the beautiful LCS and LCSgO, we wasted no time making it the best reliable application available in the market.

We want our client to enjoy the way they want to be, hence we keep improving to meet the market demand in terms of quality, security and trend.

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