Bridge Share

Helping multiple branches share more

Job-share module is an effective business strategy that helps our cloud logistics software users to share the valuable logistics data to multiple branches. This module helps reduce costs and build a skilled team that can execute tasks professionally.

Share jobs with multiple
                    branches of your logistics companies
 Job share in
                            cloud logistics software middle east

Unite all your company branches

One person manages Job Share giving various users permission-based access to view and process as little or much information as they need or want.

Bridge LCS logistics software that bridges the gap between you and your suppliers. And it's keeps you fresh and agile in this fast-paced world with features like:

  • Status updates from suppliers that automatically sync with your account for easy time management.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to know when things change? Well, now you can!

Organize jobs your way

Whenever a change or a status update goes through on the supplier’s end, we'll let you know as soon as possible so there are no surprises.

Job Share is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity for logistics professionals and Freight Forwarders. Job Share eliminates the need to repeat data entry, as the changes and updates are automatically reflected from the supplier’s account provided the required fields should be enabled.

Bridge LCS minimizes the workload of Logisticians. With its one-touch data sharing, Forwarders can share job details with suppliers.

Job share module in
                        Bridge LCS
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