Lighthouse Search

Eliminate the effort and time to find data

By using our advanced Lighthouse Search(Global Search) in logistics planning software, users are able to search and find the logistics shipment details anywhere in the system . You can search details by Name, Row No, Voucher No & AWB/BL No.

Global search in
                    logistics management system
Search all logistics
                            operations details in Bridge LCS

Search all, in one place

In Lighthouse Search, you can find any file or information related to your logistics operation. It’s the best way to locate your search in the system, not only can it look at phrases and not just an exact match, but also provide suggestions and autocomplete.

Searching is never letting bored

Global Search will search and fetch the data from the hook and corner of the system. The Bridge LCS software has a new algorithm for FastLS that searches faster, is dynamic, shares index across nodes, and uses more resources efficiently.

Global search in transport
                        and logistics systems UAE
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