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1. What exactly is freight management software?

Freight management software or logistics management software helps to automate all operations related to freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation and air cargo.

Bridge LCS is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a service) freight forwarding & logistics ERP software. It helps to manage and control all operations related to freight, customs clearance, transportation, and air cargo.

The main benefit of freight forwarding software is to manage all the modules like shipment handling, finance, reports, sales, and major logistics modules in a single software.

Yes, Bridge LCS software supports English and Arabic language.

We will give complete offline and online media like WhatsApp, Gmail, and IMO.

Yes, Bridge LCS supports all the latest major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, etc.

Yes, 14 days of the free trial are available without any credit card details.

Yes, Bridge LCS has an android version. Download from here and for iPhone users will be released soon.

In order to recover the password, click the 'Forget Your Password' option on the login page and insert the registered email and submit.

Yes, anytime you can switch to the dark mode option on the Floating Bar (right side) of the system.


Unfortunately, we don't provide any such plan. In the future, we will include.

Bridge LCS supports payments through credit cards and bank transfers.

Please check here to learn more.


Head to the Payment page then select the subscription page and change the plan from Lite To Growth.

Yes, If you subscribe for one month it will renewed automatically.

No, Once the payment is completed, our terms & conditions do not allow us to make a refund. The subscription is automatically renewed. Make sure to cancel the subscription before the date of the billing cycle.

On the payment page, the admin can add new payment details and remove the old ones.

No, Bridge LCS software will support only online.


Head to the Customers section and select the New Customer button residing on the right corner of the page. Fill in the necessary details then click the save button given on the bottom right corner.

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Select the data to be deleted from the list, Right click --> Delete.
Note: Customers having ongoing jobs or tasks cannot be deleted.

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Select the data to be blocked from the list, Right click --> Block. Fill the reason if required.
Note: Blocked Customers can be Un-blocked whenever required.

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The customer will be marked as blocked and the system will not allow creating any new entries for the blocked customers.

Head to the Customer Statement page and select the customer from the dropdown provided. You will get all pending transactions of a particular customer.

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Head to the Suppliers Section and select the New Supplier button residing on the right corner of the page. Fill the necessary details and click the save button in the bottom right corner.
{Suppliers --> New Supplier --> Fill the mandatory fields }

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Select the Supplier data to be deleted. Right, Click on the corresponding row --> delete. Fill in the reason for data removal.

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Select the data to be blocked from the list, right-click --> Block. Fill in the reason if required.
Note: Blocked Suppliers can be Un-blocked whenever required.

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If a supplier is blocked then the supplier will be moved to the blocked supplier list. Blocked suppliers cannot be accessed from other modules.


Right click on the corresponding Enquiry --> Click on Convert.
A pop-up window will be displayed with fields required to complete the quotation conversion and click save.

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Right click on the corresponding Approved Quotation --> Click on Complete. This step will move the quotation to the completed quotation list and creates a Job simultaneously.

If a quotation is deleted after conversion of job then the corresponding job also will be moved to the canceled list.

If a quotation reaches the completed stage, then the prospect is automatically converted into a customer.

Head to the Approved Quotation section. Right click on the required quotation --> Follow Up --> set date and time along with the description.

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Yes, The cancelled job will be listed under cancelled tab and deleted will be listed under trashed tab. Right click and choose job revert option.

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While creating the job head to the import tab and select the import option. If you have a large amount of data to be uploaded, you can Import an excel file by using this option.

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Right click on the required job from job list and select book income.

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If your customer has multiple branches you can choose as a secondary customer and choose them while creating an invoice.

Yes, important jobs can be prioritized by making it as favorite. ( Click on the favorite symbol present behind the Job no / name ).

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To convert the preliminary invoice to the original invoice, create a cost sheet with the required data. Then come back to the supplier invoice and right click and select convert original option.

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No, you cannot create a supplier’s original invoice from a pre-invoice without converting the pre-invoice into a cost sheet.

Cost sheets except those having zero revenue can be converted into a final invoice.

Yes, we can.

Step 1
Both the final invoice and cost sheet need to be disapprove.
Step 2
Make required changes on the cost sheet and select the same cost sheet number and the existing final invoice will update eventually.

Note: An approved final invoice cannot be edited if it's income is booked.

No, a preliminary invoice will not reflect on any finance-related reports.


Create an employee with a designation as a driver.

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Create an employee with a designation as a driver.

Head to the driver manager and click new driver to allocate the truck to a particular driver.

Head to truck allocation and select the job with the container and choose the list of containers to be allocated.

Select the truck type, truck and enter the amount.

If the cost sheet is not created, you can head to allocated tab in truck allocation list and make the required modifications.

Head to truck history, right click on trucks and choose stand by option.

---------------- or ----------------

Head to the masters and select transportation codes menu, then choose truck tab, right click --> edit --> stand by.


Yes, Head to the Attendance page and click the "Import Biometric Data" button. Upload your excel file (XLSX format) which is extracted from your biometric machine and click import. Next, you have to map the fields and preview your data and click save.

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Yes, Head to the payroll and choose settings menu then click on new settings button. Select the nationality and give values for employee annuity and company annuity.

Step : 1
Head to the Finance --> Vouchers --> Payment Voucher
Step : 2
Click New Voucher button and select account as loan to employees, type as own account and fill the required fields.
Step : 1
Head to the payroll --> monthly salary.
Step : 2
Right click and choose edit option, select advance salary tab and match the loans and click calculate button then click save.

Head to the Official Holiday page and click the "New Holiday" button. Fill the necessary fields and click save.

Inter Company

Head to the Inter Company section and select New Voucher button residing on the right corner of the page. Fill the necessary details of the transaction then click save.

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Payment voucher is a record created as a confirmation / receipt between the two companies over the payment made. But inter company transaction facilitates the user to manage transactions of multiple branches from a single place.

Yes, head to the inter company section and click on the cancelled tab.

Yes, head to the inter company section and click on the filter option and use the branches filter.

Container Deposit

No, container deposit can only be created for jobs with containers.

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You can refund an approved deposit by right clicking and choose refund option. Fill the detention amount on each container and finally click save button to proceed.

Head to the refund tab in the container deposit page and right click on the required row then choose convert to cost sheet option, page will be redirected to the cost sheet with that entry filled in.

Head to supplier aging report and choose report type as individual and select the supplier whose aging report is to be reviewed and click search to view the individual report.


Purchase is a new purchase of an item associated with a supplier.

Open stock options are the items already present. You can create a purchase entry for a previously purchased item.

Return stock is for returning the item to stock.

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Yes we can, Head to Settings --> Settings --> Tax Settings. In the Services tab you can edit the tax rate/sales type/purchase type for the corresponding description.

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Step : 1
Head to Customer --> Customers --> New Customer
Step : 2
Choose sales tab, select new salesman under salesman's dropdown. You will get a popup window of quick salesman then fill the required fields and click save.

Head to Masters --> Price build --> New Price, then fill the mandatory fields and click save. Container type, POL, POD details are directly fetched based on the customer and services selected.

Once these steps are completed, head to Sales --> Quotation --> New Quotation. Select the service and description in the service section as mentioned in price build.


Head to Settings --> Users --> Employee. Next you have to click on the New Employee button and create a new user/employee.

Note: The default login permission is "No" and it will save as a employee. If you want to create a user, you have to change the login permission as "Yes".

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User Rights can be set in 2 ways - User wise or Department wise

User wise
Head to Settings and select the employee module. Next you have to right click the corresponding user and select the rights option.
Department wise
Head to Settings and select User rights. Click on the ‘Customize’ button for the corresponding department and select the module and pages of the module the user shall access.

Head to Settings --> Bank --> New Bank Account.

Yes, Head to settings and select Tax Settings. Click on the Add Tax button and create all tax percentages and it will display while setting service tax.

Head to settings module and select Automated Email settings. Enable the list of actions that need emails to be sent on regular basis. Automated emails will get triggered to the list of actions selected.