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Suppliers play one of the major roles in logistics business. So, it is important to conserve their data in a secured manner. It is also important to maintain the invoices received from Suppliers for further use.

Supplier Module Carries the following Sub Modules:

Supplier Module In Bridge LCS Sea Freight Software

Working of Customer Module and Supplier Module is homogenous.

Supplier module Sketches the list of Suppliers along with their contact information and the respective Person who speak for the company.

You are provided with various other options such as Export (CSV , XSLV and can also be customized), Copy and Print.

Customize Supplier Module

Refresh is an unique option provided inside the page wherein if you press the refresh button , only the data will get refreshed and not the whole page.

The options mentioned above reside in the right corner of the page.

Refresh The Supplier Data In Freight Software

Suppliers can be created in two methods.

  • Through the Supplier Module.
  • Through the Quick Creation

Below are the steps to be followed to create customers

Method One
Step One

Go to Supplier --> New Supplier (residing on the right corner of the page). A new popup window will be opened.

How To Create New Supplier In Bridge LCS Software
Step Two

Once the window is opened , you could see 4 different sections to be filled. The sections are as follows

  • General(*)
  • Contact(*)
  • Communication(*)
  • Bank
Bridge LCS Software Supplier Form
Step Three
Do fill the mandatory details indicated by a red asterisk to complete the supplier creation.

If you want to know the in depth details of the fields available , read the following

NOTE : You can switch to Supplier page from any module using Ctrl + Shift + S

Section One - General (*)
Supplier Name (*)
The field has to be filled with the name of the Supplier i.e Supplier Name.
Supplier Name in Local Language (*)
Fill the name of the Supplier in your respective local Language. This data can be used while making Invoices.
Notifying Person(*)
This Field has to be filled with the name of the person who represents the company.
Posting Date(*)
The date in which the Supplier is created.
CR Expiry Date
Company Registration Expiry Date must be entered in this column. You will be sent a notification Email 7 days before the Expiry
Contract Expiry Date
This field needs to be filled with the contract date between company and the customer.
Customer Registration ID needs to be included here
TAX NO is not a mandatory column . This can be filled if the supplier wishes to

The Following documents can be added

  • Company Verification
  • Contract Agreement
  • Tax Certification
Bridge LCS Software Supplier General Form
Section Two - Contact (*)

Mandatory details that needs to be included in contact section are

  • Address 1 (*)
  • Address in Local Language (*)
  • City (*)
  • City in Local Language (*)
  • Country (*)

Optional details that can be included are ,

  • Address 2
  • Zip Code
Bridge LCS Logistics Software Supplier Address Form
Section Three - Communication (*)

Basic Communication details like Email Id(*), phone , mobile, extension, fax, website. Multiple Supplier Communication details can be added if required. This can be done by using the button available on the right corner of the section.

Note:Email Id must be Unique for each set of data .

Bridge LCS Freight Software Supplier Communication Form
Section four - Bank

Bank Details can be stored here . Bridge Provides you an option to store multiple bank account details.

The details that need to fed in this section are,

  • Account Name
  • Account Name with Local Language
  • Account No
  • Bank Name
  • IBAN Code
  • SWIFT Code
  • Bank Address
  • Bank Document

Multiple Banks can be added if required

Eventually Save the details Once all the mandatory datas are filled

Bridge LCS Logistics Software Supplier Bank Account Form
Method Two (Quick Supplier Creation)
Through Finance
Step 1
Go to Finance --> General Invoice
Step 2
General Invoice --> General Supplier Invoice
Step 3
General Supplier Invoice --> New Invoice --> Supplier --> Add Supplier.
Step 4
In General, Under Shipment Details Agent --> New Agent.
Step 4
A popup will open where you can fill the required fields to create a supplier.

NOTE: Likewise wherever you are supposed to enter the supplier name , a new supplier can be created with limited features which further can be modified. Quick Creation is used when you forgot to create the supplier initially.

Bridge LCS Logistics Software General Supplier Invoice
Flow Chart
Bridge LCS Logistics Software Supplier Flow Chart

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " How to creat Create supplier " to have a better understanding

Categories of Suppliers

Suppliers are categorised as General and Blocked

General Suppliers

General has a list of suppliers who you have done business with . Inshort it includes all the suppliers since the start.

Blocked has a log where the Suppliers who are being blocked are listed. You can block untrue / disloyal suppliers .Blocked suppliers are invisible in supplier drop downs in the entire system till unblocked manually.

How to Unblock

If you want to unblock a Supplier who you blocked mistakenly , do Right Click on Supplier --> UnBlock.

Suppliers will get into the general category once they are unblocked

Actions : (Edit / Delete / View )

To modify the supplier data do the following steps

Right-Click on the supplier you want to edit/delete

You can observe a list of options such as : Statements, Block. Actions --> View/Delete/Edit.

Supplier Actions In Bridge LCS Software
Advanced Options:
  • Memo works well on blocked suppliers as well .
  • This can be accessed by double clicking over the supplier Row .
  • By double Clicking on the corresponding supplier row you can view the details of respective suppliers.
  • Star Rating is Given based on the amount of Business they have done with us.
Bridge LCS Software Advanced Options In Supplier

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " Advance features " to have a better understanding

Supplier Statement

  • Supplier Statement Provides you the list of financial transactions happened. Multiple filters are available to fine tune your data.
  • Firstly you need to select the Supplier whose data are to be reviewed or analysed.
  • Secondly you need to choose either filter through date or Currency. After applying the filters Select the type of statement you wish to observe.

This falls under three categories :

  • Statement
  • Advance Items
  • Ledger
Statement :
Statement has list of Unpaid Entries respective to the Supplier.
Advance Items :
List of Paid entries can be observed here.
Ledger :
Ledger furnishes all paid and unpaid entries in respect with the Supplier selected.
Credit / Debit :
Enable / Disable the option to include this as one of the columns in the statement .

NOTE : If you do not match your Invoice while creating Voucher, the data will be reflected in both Statement and Advance Items.

Default Columns displayed in the statements are Voucher type, Voucher No, Invoice / Ref No, Client Reference, Cheque No, Job No, Voucher Date, Currency , Amount, Local Amount, Open Amount , Balance.

Supplier Statement In Bridge LCS
Flow Chart
Supplier Statement Flow Chart
Advanced Features

Bridge LCS has given you certain features which ease your work and save your time. You can directly send email to your suppliers with ONE CLICK.

  • Email Facility is placed on the right corner of the page and you can click on the same to proceed.
  • Apart from Email you can print and Convert the document to PDF which is present beside the Email .
Advance Features In Supplier Statement
  • You can choose the number of Suppliers to be listed on a single page from the option available near the search bar .
  • Smooth way to create Memo is double click on the Reference Number, a pop up window will appear wherein you can create notes and set a reminder.
Add Reminder In Supplier
  • Effortless way provided to upload document. I.e. By Clicking over the Invoice Number a popup will be opened wherein you can upload your invoice / document for future reference.
  • By double click on the voucher number to get a document to be printed.
Upload Supplier Invoice In Bridge LCS
  • Search can be done from any of the fields available. Search is not restricted to a single search column.

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " Supplier Statment " to have a better understanding

Aging Report

Aging report holds the details of invoices that are unpaid, it could have exceeded the due date or have time to pay the due.

The details are listed based on the report selected,

Kind of Reports :

  • Individual - gives you an overview of the report.
  • Overall - gives you a detailed report.
Report Date
It Specifies the period till when the report needs to be fetched.
Number of Sections based on a period of 30 days will be decided by Interval.
Supplier Aging Report Data In Bridge LCS Freight Forwarding Software
Possibilities of Selection
Possibility 1
Report Type --> Individual and Supplier --> Select All , then you will get a detailed report of each and every Supplier as a list.
Possibility 2
Report Type --> Individual and Supplier --> anyone in particular then you will get a detailed report with respect to the Supplier selected.
Possibility 3
Report Type --> Overall and Supplier --> Select All, then you will be furnished with the overview of every single supplier selected.
Possibility 4
Report Type --> Overall and Supplier --> anyone in particular then overview of the respective supplier will be furnished.

NOTE: Detailed report includes columns like Voucher, InvoiceNo, Client Reference, Job, Voucher Date, Currency, Amount etc.. Overall report furnishes different period status based on the interval selected.

Advanced Features

PDF and Email Features are given as one of the columns available with each Supplier.

Export, Print and Module refresh features are available at the right corner.

Show Total Only can be enabled if you do not want other columns to be noticeable on the page.

Some Advanced Features In Supplier

Hide the filters available on the top of the page by clicking on the filter seen next to Show total only Feature.

By double clicking on the columns of Overall report, you will get the details of pending invoices in respect to the suppliers (period wise) .

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " Aging Report " to have a better understanding


Overview brings the Overall Status of a Particular Supplier Selected.

A dropdown option is provided at the top of the page wherein you can select the supplier you want to review.

Once the Supplier is selected, you can review the following things,

  • Basic Details of supplier along with their contact information
  • Number of Invoices with respect to its status.
  • A graph to analyse the credit, debit and total amount of the respective supplier.
  • List of Customers associated with the supplier selected.
Supplier Overview

Supplier Graph

This represents the Number of suppliers acquired in the previous months wherein you can analyse the increase in suppliers you are dealing with.

Supplier Graph