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Basic Setup , User and Employee Informations are recorded at settings. Settings includes the following sub modules,


Users are assigned by the admin who is the primary user of the system. The number of users granted to access the system is based upon the plan that is being selected.

User Module is further classified into the following,

  • Employee
  • User Right

Employee has three Sub Segments in the module

  • User
  • Employee
  • Terminate
Employee Settings In Bridge LCS Logistics Software For Small Business
User lists the employees who have access to the system
Employee lists the employees present at the company.

Double Clicking on the field gives you the view of attributes given.

Terminate lists the employees terminated from the Employee list.
How to create an employee / an user
Step 1
Go to Settings --> Employee.
Step 2
New Employee --> details to be entered are divided into 3 different sections.
Section 1 : General(*)
  • Give Basic details like employee name, date of joining , department and designation etc..
  • Photos of the employee can be uploaded in the image module if required.
  • Login Permission decides whether the employee has user access or not.
  • Case 1 : If Login Permission --> Yes , then automatically the role changes to user and Password field is enabled.
  • Case 2 : If Login Permission --> No , then the role is assigned to the employee. In this case the password field is disabled.
How To Create An Employee in Bridge LCS Trucking Logistics Software
Section 2 : Address(*)
Enter the basic communication details like permanent address and Residentials address.
Employee Communication details in Bridge LCS Freight Forwarding System Software
Section 3 : Family
Fill the details of Family members for reference. This is not a compulsory step .
Employee family  details in Bridge LCS Trucking Logistics Software
Section 4: Documents
Enter the document title, attach the necessary document, and specify the date of issue as well as the expiry date.
Employee Documents  details in Bridge LCS Trucking Logistics Software
Section 5: Bank
Enter the Bank details in this section. You may also attach relevant bank documents if available.
Employee Bank  details in Bridge LCS Trucking Logistics Software
Actions Performed
  • View
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Login Histories
  • Terminate
Actions Performed in Employee detail
User Rights

Admin has to decide the user rights of the user.

This page has a list of department and department user rights where their rights are defined by the admin.

User Rights list in Bridge LCS Software

Follow the below steps to assign the rights,

Step 1
Go to Settings --> User Rights.
Step 2
Customize --> Select the module and pages of the module the user shall access. The same can be deselected if the access needs to be removed.
Steps to assign the rights in Bridge LCS
Step 3
Click Save and Proceed.

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " User Right " to have a better understanding

Flow Chart
User Rights Flow Chart

Back up

Backup can be done on a frequent basis.

You can download the ZIP File which is valid for a couple of days.

Settings Back Up in Bridge LCS


Bank module can be used to store the list of Bank Accounts that the company holds.

Company bank detail in Bridge LCS International Logistics Software

Accounts can be hidden using the feature attached to each column "Hide" which prevents the account from getting displayed while making payments / creating vouchers.

How to hide comapny bank detail in Bridge LCS Freight Forwarding Software
Follow the steps given below to Create Bank Account
Step 1
Go to Settings --> Bank
Step 2
New Bank --> Fill the mandatory details like Currency, Account Name, Account No, IBAN Code, Bank Name, SWIFT Code, Sort Type and Address.
Steps To Create Bank Account in Bridge LCS Online Logistics Software
Step 3
Click Save to proceed / Clear to re-enter the details.
Actions Performed
  • View
  • Delete
  • Edit
Actions Performed in Bank Account detail


Settings section involves the profile settings like Email, Tax, Financial and Invoice.

This Section has the following sub-modules,

  • Invoice Customization
  • Invoice Print Settings
  • Quotation Customization
  • Financial Settings
  • Document Number Format
  • Tax Settings
  • Company Profile
  • Automated Email Settings
  • Custom Email Settings.
Invoice Customization

Users are provided with different kinds of Templates to be chosen.

Invoice Customization Templates in Bridge LCS Logistics Optimization Software
Invoice Print

Header and Footer of the Invoice can be customized based on the requirements.

To modify the size of header and footer, Enable the Custom Header and Footer feature given which further enables the field where Header height and Footer height can be given.

Disabling the "Custom Header and Footer" hides the header and footer.

Logo can be added to the Invoice if required.

Limitation of Logo : 5 files can be uploaded to the system and not more than that.

Stamp can be added to the invoice , provided the feature “Include Stamp” must be enabled after uploading the image.

Invoice Print in Bridge LCS Logistics Tracking Software

Click SAVE to reflect the changes.

Note : Make sure you upload an image with higher resolution to have a better view.
Invoice Print Settings

Invoice Column Settings offers the feature to add additional columns required.

Enable the list of columns to be displayed along with the existing columns and you are ready to go .

Save the settings made to get reflected in the Invoice.

Invoice Column Settings in Bridge LCS Cargo Management System Software
Quotation Customization

Enable the column that needs to be displayed on the Quotation.

Quotation Customization in Bridge LCS Cargo Management System Software
Financial Settings

Financial Settings needs to be updated with the following,

Fiscal Year as per your country’s standard.

Currency (*)

Note: It cannot be edited when it is saved once.
Financial Settings in Bridge LCS Freight Shipping Software
Document Number Format

Choose the required unique code for Customer, Supplier, Invoices, Vouchers and General Invoices. The row number will reset every year starting with 0001.

Document Number Format in Bridge LCS Freight Shipping Software
Tax Settings

Tax Settings is one of the important settings that need to be carried out precisely.

This has 3 sub segments,

  • General
  • Add tax
  • Services
General Tax Settings
  • Tax System followed in the country you reside in.
  • Abbreviation of the TAX Value Entered.
  • Description
  • Registered Company Tax No

Click Save to proceed.

General Tax Settings in Bridge LCS Transport Logistics Software
Add Tax

New Tax can be created by the following step,

Step 1
Go to Settings --> Tax Settings --> Add Tax
Step 2
Once select Add Tax ,you can see 2 different columns to be filled. The sections are as follows,
  • Name
  • Rate
Step 3
Do fill the mandatory details indicated by a red asterisk to complete the new Tax creation.
How to add Tax Settings in Bridge LCS Freight Management System Software
Service Tax

Services Taxes can be fixed along with the type of Sales and Purchase .

Step 1
Go to Settings --> Tax Settings --> Services
Step 2
Set Percentage of Tax Rate (*), Sales Type (*) and Purchase Type(*).
Step 3
Click Save to Capture the Modifications made.
How to services in Tax Settings in Bridge LCS Ship Management Software
Company Profile

Company Profile must be filled with the following details,

Basic details like Company Name in English and Local Language, Logo if required, Company Established date, CR Number and Branch Code.

Contact details like Mobile number, Email , Fax and website Link.

Other details like Services done from the dropdown available.

Location details like detailed address and Time Zone.

Office Timings and Working Days Details.

Click Save to Proceed.

Add Company Profile Settings in Bridge LCS ERP For Logistics Company
Automated Email Settings

Enable the list of Actions that needs Emails to be sent on Regular Basis. Automated Emails will get triggered to the list of actions selected.

Automated Email Settings in Bridge LCS Logistics Management Software
Customised Email Settings

Customised Email Settings help you to assign the Email Id which in turn replaces the default admin id while sending Email to End Customers through BridgeLCS.

Fill the mandatory Columns like Email Id, Host, Port and Encryption to proceed.

Click Save to Reflect the changes made.

Customised Email Settings in Bridge LCS Cargo Logistics Management Software
Note : Enable the toggle available at the top to try a test email from and to your account.