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Reports are documents that

The types of reports included in the module are,

Jobs Report

Job Report furnishes the report which portrays the job related activities.

Report Page In Bridge LCS Cargo Management System Software

Reports are given based on the filters applied,

  • Date
  • Status { Pending / Cancel / Complete }
  • Activity
  • Services
  • Customers
  • Jobs
  • Invoice Status
Filter Report In Bridge LCS Freight And Logistics Software

Center part of the page displays the Total Number of Jobs, Pending Jobs, Completed Jobs, Cancelled Jobs based on the filters applied.

Total Number of Jobs, Pending Jobs, Completed Jobs, Cancelled Jobs Report

It manifests the details related to jobs such as Customer, Build { Final Invoice }, UnBuild {Approved Cost Sheet not converted into Final Invoice }, Latest Status according to Job Status, Containers if have any along with the quantity, Date of Creation.

The Filtered data can be printed out using the Print button given next to Search Button. This prints the whole page of data.

Print The Filter Report

Invoice Report

Invoice Report and Sales Report are homogenous and Interchangeable.

Invoice Report furnishes the Sum of Each Invoice along with its Job , Income and Commission percentage given/allotted to Salesman.

Refer Sales --> Sales Report for the detailed functioning of the segment.

Invoice Report and Sales Report In Bridge LCS Software

Daily Report

Daily Report has the list of jobs under the import and export section on a daily basis.

Daily Report In Bridge LCS Shipping Logistics Software

Report has AWB / Bill of Lading , Vessel Number and Container details along with the respective jobs.

Based on the Activity Code { import / export }, ETD, ETA selected during the job creation, jobs are segregated under three different sections namely Book, Intransit and Arrived .

Import / Export Report

Based on the Activity Code Selected the jobs are segregated among import and export sections.

Import / Export :

Import / Export has different sections in the same page based on the number of days between ETA and ETD.

E.g If there are multiple jobs with 10 - 20 days , 20 - 40 days and more than 60 days as their time period, then the jobs are grouped based on the time period in both import and export sections.

The Types of Services involved in a particular job are indicted along with the JobNo.


Intransit has a list of jobs which is in motion. Based on the ETD/ETA given, the jobs are moved to the Intransit section which includes both Import and Export.

Import and Export Status is segregated based on the activity code selected.

Arrived has a list of imported and exported Jobs based on ATA/ATD

This has two segments based on the job which is completed or not completed yet.

  • Not Completed
  • Complete

Status Report

Status Report furnishes the status of the consignmens along with the posting date of the respective job.

It shows the activity code, Last Status of the consignment updated, ETD and ETA of the selected job / Customer.

The List of jobs are fetched based on the filters applied.Filters Include,

  • Date Filter
  • Type of Activity
  • Status of the Job
  • Customers
  • Jobs

Click Search once the filters are applied. The Selected List can be Print with the Feature Available next to Search.

Status Report In Bridge LCS Ocean Freight Software
Actions Performed

Right Clicking on the Column provides the below,

Status : An Email can be sent to the customer regarding the current status by choosing the parameters like Service Type, Posting Date, Status Category and Default Content (which needs to be conveyed).


Actions Performed In Report

Clearance Report

Clearance Report furnishes the data related to Custom Clearance. This gives the Date of Clearance, Bayan No, Bayan Date, Deliver Order No and Date in respect to the job and customer.

The list is specified based on the following filters,

  • From and To Date
  • Type of Activity
  • Status of the Job

Click Search to apply the filters selected over the Jobs / Customers.

Clearance Report In Customs Clearance Software

Container Report

Container Report provides you the review of the containers associated with the Jobs.

Report Serves the details such as Container No, Terminal, Size and Type of the Container, type of Shipment (Dangerous / Non Dangerous), Volume , Tare weight and Remarks.

Use the following filters to fetch the required data,

  • Date Filter
  • Terminal
  • Status of Job
  • Container Size and Container Type.

Click Search to Proceed.

Container Report In Clearing And Forwarding Software

Terminal Report

Terminal Report Serves the attributes of the Terminal section wherein the details of Consignment arrival can be viewed.

Report Provides details such as Consignee, Estimated Time of Consignment Arrival, Delivery Date (Actual) in respect to the Job.

Available Filters to Sort data are,

  • Date Filter
  • Type of Activity
  • Type
  • Status of the Job.

Click Search to Proceed.

Terminal Report In Cargo Airline Software

Description Report

Description Report exhibits the list of data based on the description selected.

Description Report In Bridge LCS Freight Forwarding Software Solutions

Also, based on the Type { Normal / Cost Sheet } Selected multiple sections of data can be displayed.

Normal/Cost Sheet Select To displayed

Normal Type

Normal Type has SI(Supplier Invoice), PV (Payment Voucher), TC(Terminal Cost), MR (Material Request), TA(Truck Allocation), CD(Container Deposit) , Total Sales and Income in regards to the description Selected.

Normal Type View In Bridge LCS Software

Clicking on the column gives you the list of invoices involved to that particular description and the same can be taken a print out / Simply Viewed

list of invoices involved to that particular description

Cost Sheet

Cost Sheet section displays the Income earned vs Cost Sales and Net Sales.

Cost Sheet View In Bridge LCS Software

Clicking upon the column displays the list of Cost Sheets that the selected Description holds. The invoice can be viewed and Print out can be taken from the feature given along with each cost sheet.

Cost Sheets that the selected Description holds

Dispatch Report

Dispatch Report furnishes the invoices that are being dispatched along with the medium of dispatch.

It Provides attributes such as Customer , the medium of Invoice Dispatch , Employee who is carrying the Invoice (if the Medium/ Mode is Direct , Number of Invoices, Job Posting date and the one who creates the Job.

Filters Available to Segregate data are,

  • Date Filter
  • Customer
  • Method of Dispatch
  • Invoice Carried By

Select Search to proceed.

Dispatch Report In Bridge LCS Freight Software
Actions Performed

Double Clicking on the row no exhibits the dispatched invoice associated with it in a pop up window.

Actions Performed In Dispatch Report

Invoice Details displayed in the pop up window are Job Number , Currency, Customer , Amount along with Tax.

The Invoice can be printed with the help of Print Button Available along with the basic invoice details.

Dispatch Report Print
Advanced Features : (Common to All Reports)

Non Numerical Data can be sorted in alphabetical order and Numerical data can be sorted in ascending order.

Press the Double Directed Arrow available next to every column to sort the data displayed.

Advanced Features : (Common To All Reports) In Bridge LCS Software

Actions Button available next to search has options like Print, Export as Excel, Download PDF, Send Email.

Actions Button In Report Page

Pullout Report

Pull out Report shows the following data based on the filter selected,

  • Date Filter
  • Terminal
  • Container Size
  • Container Type

Select Search to Proceed.

Report displays the particulars of a container such as Container No, Job, Terminal, Customer , Size , Type , Seal No, Weight, Tare Weight and VGM based on the terminal and container features selected.

Pullout Report In Bridge lCS Software