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Inter Company

InterCompany Transaction is one of the most requested modules which facilitates the user to manage transactions of multiple branches from a single place.

Inorder to do the transaction between multiple branches, you need to create a Voucher with required details.

InterCompany Transaction in Bridge LCS Logistics Software
Steps to Create a New Voucher

Step 1 : Go to InterCompany --> New Voucher

Create A New Voucher in InterCompany

Step 2 : Select the Account Number(*) from which the amount is being Paid, Voucher Date (*) , Voucher Type (*), Voucher Text(*), Currency Exchange Rate (*) , Check Number and Document.

Step 3 : Select the Branch(*) to which you are transferring amount, Type(*) , Transaction ID (*){ Transaction Id is displayed based on the type Selected }, Job (*) {Jobs are displayed based on the Transaction Id selected}.

Step 4 : Fill the Credit, Debit and Total Amount.

Step 5 : You can link the invoices and vouchers if required, using the linking button given.

Step 6 : You can add as much data as you wish using the "+" button given.

Step 7 : Click on SAVE once all the mandatory data are filled.

Details add to create new Voucher in Bridge LCS ERP for logistics company
Flow Chart
Inter Company Flow Chart
Sections of Vouchers
  • Draft
  • Approved
  • Cancelled

Vouchers created will initially be in the draft tab. If you are transferring the amount / voucher to your sub branches, the vouchers created will be reflected to their account.

The Important Fields provided in the table are Voucher Type, Party, Offset Branch (to which / from which the amount is transferred) and the amount.

Row Number of Unapproved Vouchers are indicated in Red Color.

Unapproved Vouchers indicates in Red Color
Actions Performed
Concern Person must approve the voucher once they receive it from the offset branch.
View and Delete
Actions Performed in Inter Company
Approved Vouchers

The Vouchers that are approved and Verified by the concerned person are listed in the Approved Vouchers List.

Row Number of Approved Vouchers are indicated in Green Color.

Approved Vouchers cannot be Disapproved, Instead you need to delete the whole voucher.

Approved Vouchers
Actions Performed
  • Print
  • Actions--> View and Delete
Actions Performed in Vouchers
Cancelled Vouchers

The list of deleted vouchers are switched to Cancelled Sections.

Row Number of Approved Vouchers are indicated in Orange Color.

Cancelled Vouchers cannot be retrieved back to any other sections.

Cancelled Vouchers
Actions Performed
  • View
Actions Performed in Cancelled Vouchers

Inter Company Statement

Intercompany Statement Provides you the list of financial transactions happened. Multiple filters are available to fine tune your data.

Inter Company Statement

Firstly you need to select the Branches whose data are to be reviewed or analysed.

Secondly you need to choose the Periods, start date and end date to apply the filter. After applying the filters, click on search button.

Inter Company Statement Search

Print Feature is available next to the Search button.

Inter Company Statement Search
Actions Performed

Right Clicking on the Column provides the below,

  • Print
  • View
  • Edit
Inter Company Statement Actions Performed
Advanced Features

Double Clicking on the Row No facilitates you to Capture Notes and Memo.

Capture Notes and Memo

Column Wise Search is possible through the option given at the top of each and every column.

Column Wise Search in Bridge LCS Software

Double Clicking on the Row gives you the view of Vouchers

Detailed View

The Video inserted below explains you the working of " Inter Company " to have a better understanding