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ERP Software New Version 4.1 (2020 Update)


A new version of Bridge LCS‘s ERP software (Version 4.1) for logistics industries is released that increase high security, software speed, and so on.

Bridge LCS ERP software new version launched

What we are going to describe

  1. About Bridge LCS Software
  2. Information Regarding The ERP Software New Version Updates
  3. Why ERP Is Important For Logistics?
  4. Conclusion

About Bridge LCS ERP Software

Bridge LCS ERP Software infographics | ERP software new version

Bridge LCS is an ERP Software for logistics and freight forwarding companies
Our Software ( Approved by ISO 25000: 2014 ) helps the logistics firm to run the full task from Sales, Marketing, Operation, Transportation, Finance, HR, and Payroll in a single solution. Moreover, every activity in the system is interconnected making the business life easier.
Our core idea is to bring all the work done in the logistics firm under one system. Each and every section in the system including Marketing, Operation, Execution, and Finance are coupled together thus could save both manpower and man-hours. It’s fully equipped with VAT billing/ Reports are required by the Govt Authorities.

Some of the major Services included in our package

Bridge LCS ERP software Tracking | ERP software new version

  • Complete ERP Solution
  • All Major Logistics Services
  • Manages both Air & Sea Freight
  • Custom clearance Air, Sea & Border.
  • Fully integrated streamlined Accounting concept
  • Document Manager
  • Automated CRM for Sales and Marketing and Dues.
  • Dedicated Transport section
  • Track and Trace with customer login facility
  • Invoicing and Collection
  • Vendor Bills & Payment
  • Dispatch Manager
  • Issue AWB/BL/WB/HBL etc.
  • Container Deposit Section
  • Stock Manager
  • Exclusive Door To Door (Air) console
  • Customer Login Facility & Tracking of jobs customer wise and job-wise.
  • Payroll system.
  • Encrypted Server Data security.
  • Central control for the entire system access.
  • IAS & IFRS Accounting standard

Our Advantages

Bridge LCS ERP software free trial | ERP software new version

  • Free Demo through Skype / Google Meet
  • Auto Backup in 3 servers in 3 regions
  • Lifetime Free Updates and Upgrades
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Fastest Implementation, deploy the system in 10 Mins

Information Regarding The ERP Software New Version Updates

Bridge LCS ERP software new version backup

  • Backup
    The new backup solution helps you to backup your data anywhere at any time be it your office server or personal computer.
  • Customer Feedback
    Let your customer can rate your operation. From the customer portal, the client can review and rate each of the shipment’s status.
  • Customer File Upload
    The new feature helps the clients using the customer portal to upload a relevant document to the shipment to reflect at your end in the same job.
  • Finance Report
    Many years of relation and experience with our clients, auditor, and competitors, we have revamped the whole accounting reports to ease the life of the users.

Why ERP Is Important For Logistics?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a complete solution to manage the workflow of logistics industries and also increases the company profit and more effective.
Logistics works need to cover different departments like operation, finance, etc to complete one shipment, so they need to reduce the time of work and do more shipments. ERP is a powerful tool to manage the workflow of logistics companies. In the 2000s starting companies are using excel sheets to record the work, but it’s very difficult to handle and time-consuming processes. ERP helps to handle anywhere at any time.


In the latest survey logistics companies are using more than one software to handle the workflow. Bridge LCS ERP software is user-friendly and provides end to end solutions for the industries. It maintains your standard in business.

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1 year ago

We are using bridge LCS, its saving our time a lot

Bridge LCS
11 months ago
Reply to  Jaison

Thank you Jaison. We mainly focus on minimizing time and maximize shipping.

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